• Charity Donations

    Q: I am a single mom and privately employed. I would like to do something charitable to help others and to teach my children the value of giving. I wont be able to collect a lot of money because I don’t have staff or employees that will help out. Is there anything that a small office like mine can do that will have some impact?


    A: As you may know, I am in a similar situation. Here at the Fieldstone Centre there is me, Elayne Tanner; property manager and my CEO, Uldis Bernhards; and lawyer, Marilyn Samuels. With the same hope you have, we have chosen Canadian charity World Vision as our receiving organization this year. In our front office we have put out a donation jar with a brochure describing World Vision’s work and our personal commitment. We agreed to match the contributions of those who fill our jar. To date this year we have collected enough to provide one of the following for a needy family:


    • 2 pigs: Each sow has a litter per year to sell at market
    • 4 hens and 2 roosters: Produce 300 eggs and new flock of chicks per year
    • Goat: Produces 250 litres milk per year
    • Or we can: Supply two classrooms
    • Or: Stock a medical clinic


    Any one of these gifts, while not costly for any of us when we all contribute, will have a significant impact on the lives of those who receive them. What a difference it would make to the world if every one of us gave just a bit to someone less fortunate. In the spirit of giving, peace, and generosity, please consider paying it forward and do something similar. Even a small donation can have a life altering positive impact for the recipients.


    Wishes of Peace and Good Health to All

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