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    Q: I know this isn’t exactly a question about counselling but I was hoping you might be able to help me anyway. My wife and I are divorcing. We’ve tried everything to save the marriage but we both agree that it is time to separate. I’ve heard that if you can settle things with a mediator you can save yourself a lot of lawyer’s fees. Where do I find someone and how do I know if they’re any good?

    A: You begin by asking people that you trust, if they know of anyone that they would recommend. This is very much the reason that Elayne Tanner & Associates has grown in the direction it has. Over the years I have developed a reputation for providing excellent service and expert advice. As a result, I have often had clients and other professionals ask me if I could recommend someone for various other concerns that they have had. Since my reputation means everything to me, I am reluctant to refer to anyone that I am not sure will provide the same high quality of service at fair prices.

    In response, I have developed associations with professionals that I know to be highly qualified, skilled, and experienced in their specialized areas. I have done the screening and financial negotiations for you.

    As a result, Elayne Tanner & Associates is now able to offer, with confidence, a more complete range of excellent services including; Custody & Access and Capacity Assessments, Mediation, Parenting Training, Supervised Access Visits and Legal Services. These services will not cost you any more than dealing directly with the individual, but rather than picking a stranger at random from the phone book, you get to deal with a person in your own community that you know and trust. Other professionals have demonstrated their trust and confidence in Elayne Tanner & Associates with their ongoing referrals. It is with the same confidence that we offer our extended range of services to meet your needs as fully as possible. The times when you need these services are always stressful. Let our one-stop-shopping concept make that part of your life a little easier for you.

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