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    Q: I am in the process of divorcing. Although it wasn’t really my idea, I know it is for the best. My problem is dealing with everything that has come up–the emotions, loneliness, single parenting, my self-esteem—the list goes on. I’m confused and scared. Are there others going through similar experiences that I could talk to?

    A: When marriages break up, it is always difficult for everyone. Lets face it, lots of people look forward to getting married, but no one says “Gee! I hope I’ll get divorced some day”. Often one or both parties experience great pain and confusion, sometimes lasting months or even years. But the suffering doesn’t have to go on indefinitely. There are ways to ease you through this. Individual counselling can be very useful in dealing with grief and issues specific to your situation. A group setting where you can develop a support network of people with similar experiences can also be invaluable. I can provide either or both for you.

    As you have suggested, when a marriage breaks down, your self-esteem takes a beating; the kids are angry and confused; holidays are never the same; you must deal with your ex-spouse over many issues; and financial, legal and practical issues are now all yours to deal with. You need support! You need information and you need confidence! And you are not alone–there are many others going through just what you are going through. Because the need is so great I am pleased to announce that I am now providing an 8-week program that will get you back on your feet and well on the road to healing.

    This group will combine education, information and support. We have an excellent leader that I have chosen because of her highly developed skills and talents. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and dynamic. Anyone who is going through the pain of a broken marriage and is ready to deal with it, is welcome. The group will be limited to 8 people so that everyone gets maximum support and plenty of opportunity to interact and ask questions. Sessions will be held on Friday nights from 7-9:30. Group will provide an opportunity to meet new people, while talking and learning in a comfortable, relaxed setting. The price is $150.00 plus GST for 8 weekly sessions of 2½ hours each. That works out to $7.50 per hour for a wonderful learning, enriching and helping experience. If this is of interest to you, call (905) 854-0801 now to register and reserve your spot for the May group.

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