Elayne Tanner

ET05192_01Dr. Elayne Tanner is a registered social worker in private practice specializing in individual, couple and family work. Elayne’s areas of expertise include trauma, sexual abuse, childhood disorders, parenting and divorce issues. Her research interests include professional ethics, mandatory reporting, rural social work, divorce and social justice. Located in Milton Ontario, a 60 acre farm houses her home and office. This idyllic and serene setting offers maximum confidentiality, professionalism and tranquility and allows Elayne to incorporate her horses into a unique equine therapy program, an especially wonderful modality with teens.

Elayne adopts a feminist and anti-oppressive, critical approach. She teaches social policy analysis and supervises student interns for Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario. Dr. Tanner’s publications include Managing a Legal and Ethical Social Work Practice; A Critical Review of the Mandatory Reporting Protocol; and The Mandatory Reporting Protocol: The Moral Regulation of Women.