• New Year- New Look

    Q: It is a new year…a time for new resolve and change! Any updates?

    A: First, those of you who have followed my Ask the Professional will notice the new look for 2014. A new beginning. A new start. A new look. Same great service!


    Next, last month at the Fieldstone Centre we decided to gather money for the Canadian charity World Vision and match the contributions received. I am proud to announce that we collected enough money to buy a goat, two hens and a rooster. This provides a community with a life-altering continuous supply of nutritious eggs, milk and cheese for food and income.


    Lastly, the recent power failure that limited electricity, heat and water was daunting. While appreciative of their return, I realize that it does not take long before we again take these commodities for granted.


    I became aware of how difficult life is for those who do not have easy and continuous access to these privileges. How quickly all aspects of life become overwhelming, demoralizing and exhausting when one cannot easily do simple things such a shower, laundry, wash dishes and flush toilets.


    When soap and cleanliness become unaffordable luxuries, it is depressing. I now recognize why those living in inadequate housing, shelters, or on the street, give up trying and instead, learn to accept this less than human existence. One’s self-pride is replaced by apathy and discouragement when every simple chore is so onerous and dependent on others.


    When walking past underprivileged individuals, please do not continue on as if they do not exist. Do not question whether they deserve your help. With this frigid temperature I gathered spare sleeping bags and delivered them to a program that helps the homeless. I challenge each of you to do something similar. Until we establish a system where all people can live in dignity and with pride, please donate to food banks, hostels and shelters and keep in mind how important toiletries and clean clothes are to those who do not have them.


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