• Procrastination

    Q:  I never seem to get anything done on time.  I always leave it until the last minute and then rush through it. What can I do to change this?

    A:  It sounds like you are a classic procrastinator. Procrastination is something we all do some of the time but for some people it is a way of life.  There are different ways to procrastinate such as:

    1. The  Perfectionist:  If it cannot be perfect I will not do it at all—you can’t fail if you do not try.
    2. The Worrier:  What will happen if I cannot do it right?  What if I do do it right and people expect more of me? But…!  What if…?
    3. The Defier:  Why should I have to do it—no one can make me do it.  I’ll do it when I am ready.
    4. The Crisis-Maker:  This person needs to be right up against a deadline to be motivated to action.  The adrenaline rush serves as a high.
    5. The Dreamer:   A dreamer of great ideas but not focused enough to follow through.
    6. The Overdoer:   One who cannot time manage.  They cannot say ‘no’ when they should and they try to accomplish too much in order to keep everybody happy.

    In counselling we would determine what is holding you back. You may need help in learning to set realistic and manageable goals, or you might have difficulty in breaking tasks down into steps, so that you are not overwhelmed  If you are procrastinating, what technique are you using and why are you doing it?  Once we discover the what and the why we work on the how—how to change the patterns.  Before long you will find that you are accomplishing your goals in a timely manner.

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