Corporate Seminars

Don’t Pay for Full Time Employees and Get Part Time Returns

Alcoholism, stress, anxiety, marital problems are just a few of the many reasons for employee absenteeism, poor work performance and lowered profits.

We understand that you may not be able to afford ongoing staff training, but how do you avoid paying for full time employees but getting only part time performance because of their personal issues?

Our seminars are cost efficient and held when you have the audience. We tailor, design and custom build sessions to suit your employees’ needs so that you will:

  • Provide the exact training needed
  • Reach more of your employees
  • Deliver an intense program in a short time period
  • Reduce your overall training budget
  • Leave the organizing to the experts
  • Decide program length
  • Provide specific programs for the specific audience

We have a wonderful, relaxing facility with available breakout rooms. The luxurious surroundings, wood burning fireplace and natural country setting will enable your employees to engage fully in the learning experience.