Sex Therapy

Close, intimate relationships often include a sexual component. When both partners feel that their needs are met, the sexual relationship becomes a satisfying component of the relationship. There are no rules about how this occurs or with what frequency. Sexual contact is an intimate form of communication. All too often, however, as with other forms of communication, messages are missed and communication is poor leaving both parties feeling misunderstood and frustrated.

Sex therapy addresses the mixed communications, clarifying with the couple each individual’s needs and means of expression. Too often, sexual behaviours are interpreted differently or given different meanings by the involved parties. There are 3 major areas where clarification is paramount; attitudes towards sex; behaviours that each person feels is an important component of sex; and communication that is a part of the sexuality….for example, it is difficult to feel loving and sexual when one is angry at their partner.

In sex therapy, each of these areas is explored in a safe, non-physical environment. Meanings, messages, behaviours and attitudes are openly discussed and clarified. Couples are often given exercises to carry out at home either individually or together. As with any form of communication, it is only effective if the message received is the same as the message sent. Sex therapy can help you accomplish this and enrich your relationship.