• Stress & Hypnosis

    Q: T’is the season to…BE STRESSED OUT! Is there any help for me?

    A: First of all, take a deep breath. Now, make a few lists and a schedule. List chores that have to be done, people that have to be gifted and things that you will do for yourself so that you can save your sanity along the way. Start with the chore list. First, you can probably cross off a number of the things on the list. Will it really be missed if you do not do this chore—for many of the jobs, the answer is no. If you do feel that it must be done, is there anyone else in your family who can do it? They may not do it to your impeccable standards, but does it really matter? In other words, delegate. Do the same with gift buying. If you cannot cross them off the list, can someone else take the responsibility of deciding and buying? You must give up the need for control or you will be too stressed to enjoy the holiday. Lower your standards somewhat. Although people may notice all the nice little touches, they will not notice if you leave them out. Keep in mind the purpose of the holidays.

    This is a time to focus on peace, love, miracles and family. In many homes, unfortunately, these do not co-exist. Accept reality. If your family is not the Walton’s the rest of the year, don’t be disappointed when they prove it again. Schedule chores and events and make sure to include time for yourself. Bubble baths, a walk or a workout at the gym will revitalize you and give you more energy and you will get more accomplished as a result.

    This is also not the time of year to try to prove your love, or win someone’s love or approval by buying the biggest, most expensive or the greatest of number of gifts. You will just go into financial difficulty and regret it for the rest of the year. Keep things as simple as possible.

    If stress is a chronic problem, I am now pleased to be able to offer you an exciting new way to deal with it. Hypnosis! Through hypnosis, I can teach you to take yourself into a deep state of relaxation, which is so important for stress reduction, stress management and overall health and well-being.

    Most importantly, find ways to reconnect with what is meaningful to you at this time of year. I wish you joy, peace, happiness, love and fulfillment. Happy holidays!

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