Who We Are

Our services have expanded. The goal has always been to provide previously unavailable, highly skilled, full spectrum, coordinated individual and family services to our community and that is what we do!  I have comprehensive skills in individual, family and marital counselling and extensive knowledge and skill when working with children and teens.  My colleague ,Marilyn Samuels, is a lawyer who is especially knowledgeable in matters pertaining to all aspects of family law.  Although we each still carry on our individual practices, we have also joined our well-matched services to offer you a holistic approach to some difficult situations.

Ms. Samuels and I are both not only experts in our respective areas of law and social work, but are both also highly trained and certified mediators specializing in family concerns. We can provide you with a mediated solution that is uniquely designed to meet your family’s specialized needs.

With the Fieldstone Centre’s approach you have a team of professionals on your family’s side when dealing with difficult issues in matters such as divorce, family business or elder care. You always get a coordinated approach, which is more likely to meet everyone’s needs with the least controversy and in the most fiscally responsible manner.